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Sterling Be Inspired Number Bracelet

Sterling Be Inspired Number Bracelet

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A perfectly simple, durable and stylish bracelet.

Choose the number that reflects where you are, or are going. It is a reminder of accomplishments past and present.

What number speaks to you?

Choose from Numbers 1-9
1: positivity, strong will, new beginnings
2: kindness, communication, balance
3: expression, creativity, intuition
4: calmness, endurance, stability
5: wonder of life, appreciate chaos, adventure
6: protective, compassionate, nurturing
7: mystery, imagination, manifesting
8: success, determination, momentum
9: inventive, accomplished, influence

 "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

• adjustable fit
• brushed satin finish
• sterling silver beads, nylon
• arrives packaged for gift giving

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