My lifelong passion for art and jewelry led me to Maine where I studied graphic design, jewelry making and metalsmithing at the Maine College of Art.  After earning my BFA and working for several years in the graphic design industry, I decided to leave the field to raise a family and to focus on designing and creating my own jewelry.

 Living along coastal New England has proven to be the perfect creative environment for me. It provides a continuous source of inspiration with its natural beauty, centuries old architecture, and ever-changing landscapes.

Although I still enjoy graphic arts there is nothing that compares to creating a piece of art with both hands. Clean lines and textures are a must when I am working on a new piece. The endless options of colors from gemstones, patinas and resins as well as mixing metals means I never have a shortage of ideas.

I’ve always been a believer that less is more and although some pieces may be technically complex, they each have a clean, classic feel. Every piece that is created is intended to last generations.

 Every piece is created by hand, so there may be very slight variations in each item if more than one of the same piece is ordered. The majority of what I create is made of sterling silver but I also incorporate touches of 14k gold, copper, bronze, brass, precious and semi-precious stones, resins and beads. 

Custom work is a fantastic option for those who have their own unique ideas or who would like a variation of my designs. Drop a line and we can discuss your ideal piece.

 Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you back soon.