Handcrafted jewelry for your journey

Each piece is designed and created in our Massachusetts studio.
New England inspired from sea to summit and all the details in between.
Small batch & one-of-a-kind accessories to express your unique journey.

  • Giving Back

    We love to give back to the community

    and one particular organization we are

    proud to support is Tough Warrior Princess.

  • Quality Materials

    All of our creations are made with quality materials. We love mixing precious metals, precious & semi-precious stones along side some fun and unexpected materials. Often using recycled versions of these materials

    to bring another level of sustainability

    to our work.

  • Always Handcrafted

    Even when a design is one that is

    produced many times over, they are
    all handcrafted one at a time.
    Each with it's own attention to detail.